According to the United Nations, more than 90 per cent of students worldwide have been impacted by temporary school closures. School closures, job losses, and need for physical distancing have complicated things even more. Education and especially the delivery of education, importantly had to undergo tumultuous changes so that there is continuity in learning for everyone.

At Chippersage, we have the English Ever After program based on a student-centered learning model, that emphasizes inquiry and participation. In pre-Covid times, this program was a live session with classes for children. We had to modify our teaching methods for them to be effective on an online platform.

Pre-primary in the ages 4-7 are high on energy and are easily distracted. It wasn’t easy to shift pre-primary kids to online education, but we made it work by adopting new technologies, a new LMS platform along with engaging live webinars.

The tiny tots seem to adapt to this change just as well as the bigger kids and teachers. There may have been few hiccups along the way, but the children took it in stride and excelled at their level and in their classes.

It is very rewarding to see the children’s beaming faces waiting to greet their teachers on the screen in an online session. It is their enthusiasm that keeps us motivated to do more and do our best.

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