Are you planning to study abroad? Or secure admission in a good university?

Chippersage provides two different programs to the youth.

In the 21st century, communication is a very critical skill – for higher education and a successful career. Schools often expect students to speak well and write compositions in English. Students know their grammar well, but can they come up with an article/speech that is compelling and interesting? Not many students receive instructions on how to start to write /speak well, leave alone make it interesting.
Well, creative writing and oratory skills, though more of an art than science, can also be learned. Come, join us for the workshops to explore how sentences can come together with the voice in your head and the emotion in your heart to create compelling compositions and speeches

Get Future ready with 21st century skills for success! Think creatively and critically, practice public speaking, effective listening and creative writing, work with a team to learn collaboration, team work and present your thoughts well!